Top Trends On Pinterest Following Milan Fashion Week 2019

Written by Chloe Harwood

The fashion week in Milan for SS19 has concluded weeks ago. Still, the trends can be seen rolling on the streets of NewYork and other fashion hubs. For fashion enthusiasts, the fashion week is like an annual festival that follows twice every year.

At the beginning of the year 2019, Pinterest predicted a few trends in search terms that would gain popularity. From travel to renting to fashion and beauty, the predictions included everything.

Here are some of the trends, that followed after the conclusion of Milan fashion week, on Pinterest.

  • Bamboo Bags

If you are into eco-friendly fashion, then this fashion trend is certainly for you. The elegant styling of handmade bamboo bags is subtle and offers a sustainable fashion option. According to Pinterest, the search for Bamboo Bags is up by 2215 percent. This fashion trend is certainly ruling the internet this year, if not streets. Although, many fashion divas and celebrities have been spotted carrying sleek bamboo designs. The most trending out of the designs is the bamboo tote bag.

  • Bike Shorts

Biking culture has been gaining popularity over the past decade. Milan fashion week showcased many such trends related to the biking culture. Amongst which, bike shorts was one of the most admired trend this year. This was supported by Pinterest when it revealed an increase of about 1323 percent in the search related to bike shorts. These avant-garde trends were all over the spring 2019 runway. If you are also into bikes and riding, then you must try bike shorts. Pair them up with a tank top and a shrugged overcoat for a perfect biker diva stance.

  • Wrap Dresses And Robe Coats

Wrap dresses and robe coats have been trending the charts this year. Fashion divas walked the ramp with solid colors and African prints over tank tops and tunics with strapless bras. It seemed a perfect combination of style and statement. Pinterest reported about 689 percent increase in searches made for wrap dresses and robe coats. You can also try wearing a robe coat over a mini skirt. Or you can wear a wrap dress alone for unmatched styling.

  • Snake Prints

Animal prints have been popular for centuries. Earlier what used to be original animal skin has now been replaced by prints and faux leather. Mostly because of the movements initiated by animal activists. This year, Milan fashion week was steaming with snake prints and Pinterest predicted the trend before it stepped on to the streets of Milan and NewYork. A report indicated that snake prints witnessed a whopping 642 percent increase in search trends.

  • Oval Sunglasses

Shades and sunglasses come in various designs and all of them are popular amongst fashion enthusiasts. But this year it was oval sunglasses with fierce shades that made it to the top charts in fashion magazines. A surprising increase of 591 percent in search on Pinterest for oval sunglasses was witnessed following the fashion week. And they do look classic. Offering a retro-style look with elegance.

Whether you are looking for new trends or simply casuals to wear in routine, these trends are must to follow. Search for the perfect taste and style that compliments your personality in a comfortable manner.

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