Visiting Hawaii? Things to Know Before Your Hawaii Vacation

Written by Chloe Harwood

Going on a vacation is always an exciting concept. And especially if it was at a beautiful location such as Hawaii. Ah Hawaii. A paradise on earth indeed. Being on the Hawaiian islands is like being transported to The Beach, frolicking with Leonardo Dicaprio. Or humming along with the ukulele with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates. The whole island is pulsing with an intoxicating mix of festivity and serenity that Hawaii has already perfected.

Being on a Hawaiian vacation is a very different experience. The natural beauty of the island is now brimming with modern accentuates, like the luxury houses in Hawaii that are situated with mesmerizing ocean views. Accommodations such as these luxury houses in Hawaii are becoming more attractive to tourists who would rather have the comfort benefits of an actual home and have that vacation vibe all in one.

Accommodation is just one of many other important things that you need to prepare in planning for a trip to Hawaii. So as not to be overwhelmed with the mere idea of planning it, here are some helpful tips to know before your Hawaiian vacation.

Lā is the Hawaiian word for Sun. Hawaii only has two seasons – summer and winter. Summer in Hawaii encompasses from  May to October. That means consistent temperatures that may reach  85° F during daytime. It is wiser to not only bring sunblock to avoid getting sunburned but use one with a higher SPF too especially for the face. Summer waters are typically gentle on all beaches, making it perpetually inviting to swim all day or lounge for hours under the sun. So always keep a sunblock handy to tote around to keep that island vacation glow healthy-looking.


This is the Hawaiian word for an umbrella. Despite Hawaii’s long summer nights, the islands’ weather can suddenly change with scattered rain showers. So it is wiser to keep a small umbrella in your bag, whether you are just walking along the beach or during some island adventures, as it may suddenly pour. The wettest months are from November to March. Rains normally do not disrupt since the weather is very localized. This means that if it is raining where you are, there is almost always a sunny spot to be found around the coast making the weather quite diversified.

Ka ai

This is the Hawaiian word for food. A lot of the fun that the island offers is the joy of eating local food. Ditch the comfort zone of eyeing that breakfast at McDonald’s and eat how locals eat. There are so many delicacies that are worth trying such as kalua pork, chicken long rice and seafood variants like squid luau and lomilomi salmon. Make your food choices authentic Hawaiian meals so your palette can get acquainted with the true tastes of the islands.

Some of Hawaii’s local food can be viewed as nods to some cultures. The Spam Musubi is a rich and popular fusion of America’s favorite Spam and Japan’s sushi. This simple combination of rice, fried Spam, and dried seaweed is the crown jewel of Hawaii snacks. There’s also the Manapua, which is reminiscent of Chinese pork buns. Steamed Manapuas are snack staples for the locals and can be filled with char siu, chicken, beans or anything else your heart desires.

So explore the local food scene when vacationing in Hawaii and be more adventurous in trying new dishes. This will make your vacation more memorable.


Ukana is the Hawaiian word for luggage, which is an important word to remember. One very helpful tip: do not bring a lot of heavy luggage when going on a vacation to Hawaii. It would be more convenient to be able to travel lightly from one island to another, especially since not all Hawaiian islands are within close proximities. Some farther islands require taking a plane and having check-in luggage may just cause unnecessary delays or hassle. You also want to make sure that your bag is small enough to go into one of the small planes that fly between smaller islands.

Having a lighter carry-all would be more efficient when on the beach as well. A dump-it-all, water-resistant bag will make going around the island less worrisome. You just have to remember to bring the basic essentials and not have to worry about some of your valuables getting ruined by the sand or the beach water.

Ke ano maoli

Is the Hawaiian word for Nature. While the Hawaiian beaches are iconic, majestic and are tourist attractions on their own, one adventure that you should skip out on is visiting Hawaii’s natural parks and nature reserves. The Hawaiian islands are home to many of the most beautiful rainforests and waterfalls and seeing these natural wonders would make your vacation even more special.

Akaka Falls provides you with a scenic nature walk route that goes all the way to its waterfalls, which is one of the most beautiful on the island. There is also the Volcanoes National Park, which gives tourists an experience to drive around its volcanic rocks that give you a feeling of being on another planet’s surface.

There are also scenic canyons, coasts and historic parks that are must-sees. So instead of just spending the whole of your time on the beach, which is fun altogether, do not forget to take these side trips to make your Hawaiian vacation fully immersive – both socially and culturally.  

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