Viva España! Top Tips For a Spanish Vacation

Written by Chloe Harwood

Unless you’re Spanish, then a few things that are the considered normal or the culture in Spain, that can be a complete surprise if you don’t know what to look out for. The country is beautiful, though, with such a wide variety of places to visit, from beaches, busy cities, mountains, and orange yards. So there are many reasons to visit and explore. But here are some tips if you’re planning a trip to Spain, just so you’re prepared for your visit. Is there anything else that you would add to the list?

Bathroom Protocol

In public areas, you could get caught short if you don’t know about a general rule that the toilet paper doesn’t get restocked very often, if at all. So it is best to carry some wipes or tissues with you on travel to Spain. Hotels and restaurants will restock, so it is just when out in cities or beach towns where you might get caught out. Always handy to know, right?

Learn Key Phrases

Like most of Europe, a lot of the Spaniards will speak English. However, it doesn’t mean that they want to. They certainly appreciate you at least trying to make an effort. In many cases, they will only speak to you in Spanish even if they do understand you. So knowing how to speak Spanish, or at least a little Spanish, is going to be really helpful. Some rural areas that are a little off the tourist track are even less likely to speak English, so it will depend on where you travel to. But learn some key phrases, and it will be massively beneficial.

Siesta Time

This old tradition of having a siesta in the afternoon time has fallen somewhat by the wayside. I mean, there are still plenty of shops and restaurants open at these times. However, there is still very much an attitude of getting up early, staying up late, and then relaxing in the afternoon. So if you expect to eat your evening meal anytime before 7 pm, then you’ll be in for a surprise. The locals eat late, as they have the tradition of having relaxed afternoons resting or sleeping. So just something to bear in mind.

Crossing the Road

In Spain, there are many zebra crossing where pedestrians have the right of way. Unlike places like the UK, the crossings aren’t marked out by large flashing lights. So as you might understand, there can be some accidents if drivers haven’t realized. So although you do have right of way, don’t just presume that it is safe to just step out and cross. Be vigilant when crossing the road.

Check Speed Limits

If you are going to be driving around Spain, then you need to know that they have some quite a lot of speed traffic cameras in Spain that are not marked out. So watch out for signs to check the speed limit. Remember that the speed is in kilometers too. Unfortunately, ignorance isn’t an excuse for getting a speeding ticket.

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