Want to Start a Civil Engineering Business? Read This Guide!

Written by Chloe Harwood

Some people would love to work in any design or construction job. But some would love to work specifically with the urban environment. Roads, buildings, bridges – the things that make up the skeletons of our great modern cities.

If you’re interested in starting a company in this field, then check out this quick guide!

Consider the competition

Whenever you want to start a company in any industry, you should first be looking at the competition. There are a lot of civil engineering companies all around the world. Your average city will have several. It’s true that there are always new projects around the corner and that the city will probably need your help in no time. But you need to figure out what it is you’re going to bring to the table that sets you apart from the other companies.

Are you an engineer yourself?

A lot of the people who want to start an engineering, construction, or manufacturing company have a lot of experience in the discipline. But that doesn’t mean that you need experience in these fields. You don’t have to be an engineer or even have a degree in the subject in order to start your own engineering company. That being said, it might be a little tricky for you to gauge who exactly you should be working with if you don’t have direct experience. Make sure you consult with or even hire some civil engineers at this early stage.

Equipment and budgeting

So, how much capital do you have? Having the resources to finance any startup is, of course, extremely important. But the upfront costs of this kind of business could be quite high. This doesn’t mean that you should try to cut corners on the cost of equipment, however. This is a mistake that many business owners in this field make. You might want to consider leasing equipment in the early stages, though. Look at the things you need and research some hiring options. For example, you’ll certainly need earthmoving equipment. So you should look into recommended earthmoving equipment hire.


In the world of civil engineering, you’ll probably find yourself dealing with public and private property a lot. You need to ensure that you have the right insurance for your company, insurance that will be appropriate for each job. The type of insurance that will cover your company best will be professional liability insurance. Shop around for good insurance quotes for small businesses. If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a business owner in a similar field. Someone in engineering, construction, or manufacturing should be able to give you detailed help.

Think about specialist disciplines

“Civil engineering” may not sound like an umbrella term. But there are actually a lot of sub-disciplines that make up this line of work. You’ll need to consider which ones you will engage in. In fact, you may need to decide if one of them will make up the bulk of your business. Environmental, structural, transportation, earthquake, and coastal engineering are the main sub-disciplines. But there are more! Research them and figure out which ones you want to work in!

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