Ways To Effectively Market Your Business When You’re Out And About

Written by Chloe Harwood

We’re all looking for new and exciting opportunities to extend the reach of our businesses and open new markets. But sometimes, it’s the simplest little things, that can make the biggest difference to our bottom line. This is especially true of the little guys, the people like you and me, whose businesses depend on the impressions we create. I’ve put together some ideas for how to market your business effectively when you’re out and about.

Vehicle Branding

How often do you see a car that has a bespoke paint job? Rarely, I’m guessing. And I can’t understand why. Unlike other channels of advertising, vehicle painting is underutilised in the extreme. Having your vehicle branded means that when you’re out and about in your car you’ll stand out. In turn, this will attract people to your business and get them to pay attention to what you have to offer.

No, it’s not targeted advertising, but it does do a good job of creating a bit of a buzz around your venture. All sorts of businesses have had initial success just from being bold and bright.

Name Badges

If you’re a company that regularly deals with clients or potential customers face-to-face, name badges are a must. Good quality Imagine Badges can inspire trust and confidence in your brand. They also allow customers to identify particular individuals in your company so that they can ask for them at a later date.

Try To Create An Impression In Everybody You Meet

This can, of course, be time consuming, but making a good impression everywhere you go can work wonders for your business. Each new person you meet is either a potential customer or knows somebody that could be. And if you can find some way to inspire them, it could eventually lead to sales.

Business excellence is not all about charisma, but if you can create a sort of tribe following, this can help. Once you have loyal followers you and get them to help you market your business. Give them a gold membership that grants them special access to advice or services. And then in return, they’ll post good reviews about you on social media, link to your website and like you on Facebook. Heck, they might even write a guest blog for you.

Leverage The Local Community

Most small businesses start selling locally and move up from there. It’s a good idea, then, to expose the local community to your brand. Make a point of making yourself public for the first few months of your operation so you can meet the people with whom you’re likely to do business. This can be anything from setting up a stall in the local market, to attending various fairs and open days, depending on what your business does.


The purpose of these types of events is to create a buzz, so be imaginative. If you’re setting up a new food business, why not give out free samples? Then when customers are finished, ask them to put the wrapper in one bin if they loved it, and other bin if they didn’t. It’s all important feedback.

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