What Does HR Do For Your Business?

Written by Chloe Harwood

Many people still ask the question: what does the HR department do? The answer is a myriad of different things that are central to the running of a successful business. A strong human resources department has numerous roles within businesses of all sizes. HR should work for your company rather than against it, and it is important that employees understand the role that it plays within the business. If you are a manager or run a business of your own, you should work closely with your HR department on a number of key issues.


Your HR department will often act as a sounding board for your employees, and also an intermediary between management and workers. It is important that every member of staff fully understands the HR policy of the company, and that all issues are resolved through these official channels. As a business owner, you should consult and communicate with your HR department on a regular basis to develop strategies about the development of your company and all your employees.


Your HR department is often your first port of call when it comes to the recruitment of new members of staff. Whether putting out advertisements looking for new employees or attending employment fairs, they are often the people who screen potential staff members and call the most suitable in for interview. If you have a particularly trustworthy HR department, you can have them in on the interview process too so you can find out their opinions as they have unique insights into how well the interviewee is likely to fit into the company. When the new employees start, they will also take them through orientation activities to introduce them to the company.

Employee Performance

Your HR department should play a central role in the development of your team by conducting training activities and monitoring employee performance. It is the job of the department to keep both employees and employers aware of how well they are progressing, setting targets and keeping track of whether these are achieved. The department can also help resolve any disputes that may occur and provide somewhere to go when personal or professional issues come up. This helps to free up more of your time to focus on running the business.

Keeping Track of Change

Sometimes, key changes to Governmental policy or the law will arise and your HR department should keep on top of this and let you know how your company needs to react. For example, there may be a change in pension policy or other workers’ rights that you need to know about so that you know how to to make sure that your company remains compliant with the law. If you plan to outsource your HR needs, Interim HR can help with this.     


Though you may have a dedicated admin department, it is likely that your HR department will work closely alongside them to help with the day-to-day running of the business. The importance of this kind of work cannot be overstated, and helps keep a business running smoothly and efficiently.

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