What Real Estate Investors Can Do To Ensure Their Tenants’ Happiness

Written by Chloe Harwood

Real estate property investors need to keep several things in mind to ensure longer rental periods, which can be obtained by developing a positive relationship with their tenants. If you’re currently looking for a renter, you should know how to connect with them on a personal level to ensure their happiness, thus increasing the rental period. 

Nothing can be better than getting suitable and trustworthy renters for a long period, but you have to ensure their happiness and welfare to ensure high reruns on your investment. Let’s give you some effective suggestions to that end. 

Stay in touch with your renters

Even if you don’t inhabit the same building or locality, you should stay in touch with your renters constantly. Make them feel that they can turn to you regarding any issues or while in need of help. Call them every day at a convenient time and ask questions regarding personal comfort and issues, if any. If they delineate certain problems to you, make sure you resolve them as soon as possible or turn to someone else, who will do it. 

Be approachable and available 

You should seem approachable to your tenants so that they can turn to you in times of need. if you aren’t available at all times, make sure they can contact you regarding urgencies, or someone else on your behalf. 

For example, you can hire experienced property managers to handle tenants’ issues and recurring problems on your behalf. You can get in touch with experts for professional Park City property management requisites and delegate your tenants’ welfare responsibilities to a reliable team. This will help you look after them from a distance, without even being directly involved. 

Treat your tenants in a friendly manner

Add a personal touch to your communication with your tenants to make them feel at home. Although the relationship you share is professional, the personal essence will help them feel more relaxed and open to you in unprecedented ways. This will help your renters depend on you and trust you with their occupancy-related problems without hesitance. 

Explain the agreement in clear terms

While signing the agreement, you should explain everything to your renters in clear, concise terms. Resolve any queries they have and don’t look impatient while you communicate with them. This apart, when you explain the rules they need to follow, you should present the idea that those will benefit both parties, and not only you. 

Provide necessary utilities and security features

Just like you need a trustworthy renter for the success of your real estate investment, your renters also need a well-equipped and secured place to call their home. 

Make sure you provide them with all the utilities for maximum convenience like sewer lines, fully-functional water tanks, and advanced security features like security cameras, burglar alarms, and proper lighting at the porch and garage. If there are repairs to be done, take care of the same before the tenants move in. 

Reward your tenants

Giving occasional perks to your tenants for staying in the long term can make them feel happier and more involved with the property. Besides sending them seasonal greetings, cards, and flowers, you can also gift them a new barbecue grill, a microwave oven, or other appliances every year to lock their interest in your property. Rewarding your tenants has long-term effects on nurturing the relationship you share with them. 

Can you think of other ways to please your tenants and make them feel belonged and cherished? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section. 

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