What Your Website Says About You: Brilliant Tips To Personalise It

Written by Chloe Harwood

Your brand is everything in business, and nothing represents your brand better than your website; it provides information on your products and your services and showcases your company. The importance of your website cannot be overstated, mainly because the first meeting that any clients or customers will have with you is through this medium. Business is changing, and you need to be well aware of that fact. As a result, it is vital that your website represents your brand perfectly, and here are a couple of simple ways to do it.

1. Profile Picture

Think about it; you can’t relate to a person who you cannot visualise. If your website is just an empty shell and there is no way to tell who runs it and what they look like, that will be reflected in your traffic and profits. It is all about getting personal and allowing customers to create a connection with you through a picture. A word of warning: don’t use an inappropriate image or a picture where you are not looking your best. A picture like these gives off a worse opinion than not having one at all.

2. Personality

A website should imbibe the personality of the person it is representing; you. That is hard to do because usually someone else is creating the website for you, such as web designers. What you need to do is build a firm relationship with the people who are in control of your website and let them know that it is important they reflect your personality. It doesn’t have to be a short introduction; you can do that yourself. What they can do for you is the layout or the colour scheme. For example, the colour scheme can be bright or bold if you are an eccentric person.

3. Video

Introductory methods come in many different shapes and sizes, but the best method has to be the video introduction. Just like the profile picture, a video introduction is a little introduction into your life and who you are that allows the viewer to get to know you better. A video, however, is far more effective because it shows off your personality through everything.

4. Why Are You Different?

It’s a question that potential clients will be asking themselves, so you need to know the answer yourself. Don’t be naïve and think that yours is the only website that they are visiting; there will be numerous websites over the course of a couple of hours, days or even weeks. What you need to do is show them what differentiates you from the rest, and why they should choose you. It is your unique selling point and tells everyone everything they need to know about you.

It is a list that is far from complete as there is a whole host of ways to personalise your website, far more than four that is for sure. However, these four are a great base to begin with because far too many businesses don’t utilise any techniques, and they suffer as a result.

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