Why The World Needs More Concrete Block Paver Manufacturers

Written by Chloe Harwood

Concrete block pavers aren’t something that many of us think much about. The thing is; you see them all the time wherever you go! They get used on people’s driveways at their homes. And they’re also used for creating an attractive road surface outside buildings.

You might not think it, but there is just a handful of companies that manufacture block pavers. As you can imagine, it can sometimes be hard to get hold of some quickly for new projects. There’s no doubt about it – the world needs more concrete block paver manufacturers!

But just why do we need more companies to make concrete block pavers for us? If it’s a question of availability, existing firms could just increase production. The thing is; there are plenty of other reasons why the market needs to expand. They are as follows:

Better quality

The ugly truth about some concrete block paver manufacturers is they aren’t good at what they do. Quite often, customers will come across blocks that have broken or cracked. It’s likely those firms will cater to the budget market.

Consumers demand high quality pavers, irrespective of the price point. The better products tend to get processed with a Deca vibrator. As you may know, trapped air inside drying concrete is a bad thing. When concrete block pavers get made, there must be no air inside of them during the drying process.

Customers that buy such products also want more assurances that the pavers they buy will last. After all; they won’t want to keep replacing their driveways every few years!

More choice

Another bugbear about the concrete block paver market is the lack of choice. Compare samples from a few manufacturers and you’ll notice one thing. They are almost identical!

Residential and commercial consumers want more styling choices when they select concrete block pavers. The last thing they want is to end up with driveways or paths that look the same as everyone else’s!

Better availability

It’s an important reason, so I’ll mention it again: availability! Customers don’t want to wait days or even weeks before they can take delivery of new block pavers. They want to start their building projects straight away!

Sure, local builder’s yards may have stock for some small-scale projects. But, what happens if you need a quantity to cover a vast area? More manufacturers mean better availability. That’s especially important if one resides in a rural area, for instance.

Lower prices

The cost of concrete block pavers varies depending on what you want. Standard options tend to offer the best prices, but they could still be cheaper.

If there were more manufacturers in the industry, prices could become more affordable. And that would mean opening up a bigger segment of the market.

That sounds like great news for consumers, but it’s even better news for the industry. Why? Because there will be more opportunities to sell products!

Better industry growth

Last, but not least, more manufacturers means the industry will grow. Companies that rely on manufacturing firms (i.e. builders) will also experience increased growth.

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