Your Business Doesn’t Have An App Yet? It Should

Written by Chloe Harwood

Many business owners that we speak to are still unconvinced about the need for a mobile app. They’ve already embraced the digital revolution, set up a responsive website and social media channels. Do they really need an app as well? The simple answer is yes. Of course, your business won’t crumble without one (yet). But, if you want to get a leg up on the competition and forge new pathways forward, then you need an app. Here are five more convincing reasons.

The numbers don’t lie

Let’s take a quick look at the statistics, shall we? First of all – and this one’s a shocker – there are more mobile phones on the planet than people. We’ll give you a second to digest that. Yep, there are more than 7 billion cell phone subscriptions on earth. Of course, not all of them have internet access, but they soon will. In fact, there is an entire generation in developing countries who will access the internet on a phone before a computer. In India, Brazil and China, children are leapfrogging the computer entirely. The future is mobile. Trust the numbers.

Direct marketing

In this day and age, the noise of marketing is deafening. There are adverts on our TV, radio and sidewalks. They pop up on our computers and subtly worm their way into our emails. The best marketing is that which seamlessly integrates into our lives. Apps are the best way to do that. With push notifications, you get a direct line to your customers with relevant offers and information. The mobile app is your invitation into their world. In today’s market, that’s invaluable.

Visibility and Branding

There’s a saying in marketing that suggests a customer needs to see your branding seven times before they trust you. Generating loyalty is a long process and your app is the best way to help you do that. Even if they’re not using your app, your logo and branding is still there on their phone desktop. The average smartphone user spends roughly two hours per day looking at their phone. Make sure your logo is right in front of their eyes.

Location based

One of the best things about mobile apps is the ability to use location services. You can target your customers based on their location which is vital in today’s market. Let’s take a quick look at how Starbucks uses this to their advantage. If you’ve got the Starbucks app on your phone, you’ll get a notification when you walk near one of their cafes. The notification might offer you a discount or a loyalty point. It’s direct marketing and location services used at their very best. Think about how you could adapt this into your company strategy. If this all sounds great, but overwhelming, take a quick look at Building an app doesn’t have to be difficult, and the benefits are easy to see.

Extra value to customers

Quite simply, an app provides extra value to your customers. It’s another way they can quickly engage with you and your product. You can offer discounts and exclusive sales. It’s worth noting that ecommerce sales are soaring and more customers are buying on mobile devices. Use this knowledge to build your relationship with customers.

Hopefully, we’ve helped convince you about the necessity of modern smartphone apps. Jump aboard the train before it’s too late!

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